At The Lodge at New Tampa we have not forgotten our feline guests. We have created a very special cattery highlighted by cat condominiums and an outside lanai exercise area. Our spacious cat condos have multi-levels giving cats a special place to explore and enjoy. The cattery with its western design elements brings a touch of the west for your cat’s pleasure. Air conditioned and bathed in sunlight the cattery has a special ambiance fit even for the most finicky of cats.

Inside the Cattery

Special artwork adorns the walls while soothing music is piped in through multiple speakers. Have a cat that watches TV? Let them enjoy our 26 inch LCD TV while watching the world go by relaxing in a comfy designer bed. Cats can enjoy exercise in our kitty friendly indoor exercise room. Uniquely designed for your cat’s safety, our outdoor lanai is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for our feline guests. A custom designed feline habitat, consisting of trails, bridges, cat walks and tunnels await your cat’s curiosity, entertaining your cat while he or she exercises in an outdoor environment. No other cattery can offer this unique outdoor play center.

Your Cat’s Home Away from Home

For more information on boarding your cat at The Lodge, please click on the links below to view policies and reservation forms. We recommend you fill out any necessary forms prior to admission. The necessary forms that are needed for admission have been listed below for your convenience. These forms can be mailed, faxed or scanned/emailed to our business office or delivered in person during our regular business hours. By submitting the necessary forms prior to your cat’s stay, it will make check-in a much quicker process. We look forward to seeing your special feline friend soon.


$22.00 per night. for single occupancy. Additional cats will be $15 per cat.

Double Occupancy: $37.00 per night. Maximum capacity in our Cat Condo is two cats.

Boarding charges are calculated by the night. Check-in time is anytime during our regular business hours. We ask that you pick up and drop off your cat no later than 1 hour before our closing time. There is no late charge for your cat on release day.

Our Cattery Features Include:
  • Custom built multi-level condominiums
  • Air conditioned and heated accommodations for your cat’s comfort
  • Purified and filtered air exchanges every 10 minutes to eliminate air borne contaminants for cleaner and healthier air
  • The cattery is fire sprinkled for your cat’s protection and safety
  • Wall sconces provide after sunset lighting
  • Designer bedding and feeding station for all our feline guests
  • 26 inch LCD HD TV for your cat’s viewing and listening pleasure
  • Soothing Music
  • Includes one daily exercise session in “The Library”, our indoor exercise area where your cat can explore, exercise or just stretch out and relax
  • Outdoor screened lanai with a specially designed feline enclosure provides a safe place for fun, exploration and exercise. This add-on service is available for all feline guests.
Ready to Board your Cat?

These forms including your cat’s proof of vaccination certificate must be received prior to your cat’s stay at The Lodge. After downloading/completing the forms you may:

  • Print, scan and email it to [email protected]
  • Print and fax it to 813-986-2205
  • Print and drop off at The Lodge during regular business hours.

See you at The Lodge!