Not just a room for cats – this is a one-of-a kind cattery designed for your cat’s enjoyment while away from his or her normal home environment. The cattery has been designed to satisfy a cat’s inquisitive nature while combining fresh air and sunshine in a fun like setting. Come see for yourself why we are so proud of our state-of-the-art cattery.

Boarding charges are calculated by the night. Check-in time is anytime during our regular business hours. We ask that you pick up and drop off your cat no later than 1 hour before our closing time. There is no late charge for your cat on release day.

Our Cattery Features Include:
  • Custom built multi-level condominiums
  • Air conditioned and heated accommodations for your cat’s comfort
  • Purified and filtered air exchanges every 10 minutes to eliminate air borne contaminants for cleaner and healthier air
  • The cattery is fire sprinkled for your cat’s protection and safety
  • Wall sconces provide after sunset lighting
  • Designer bedding and feeding station for all our feline guests
  • 26 inch LCD HD TV for your cat’s viewing and listening pleasure
  • Soothing Music
  • Includes one daily exercise session in “The Library”, our indoor exercise area where your cat can explore, exercise or just stretch out and relax
  • Outdoor screened lanai with a specially designed feline enclosure provides a safe place for fun, exploration and exercise. This add-on service is available for all feline guests.


$22.00 per night. for single occupancy. Additional cats will be $15 per cat.

Double Occupancy: $37.00 per night. Maximum capacity in our Cat Condo is two cats.