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The Lodge

Training at The Lodge

Training Services

Behavior Consultation and Evaluations

With our free client consultation, we can identify the behavior issues that you want your dog to work through. Whether in person or on the phone we will discuss behaviors and expectations and then I can develop a training plan to best address your dog’s needs.

The in-person dog evaluation, conducted at the resort, is a session to assess your dog’s current behaviors and how to align those behaviors with your expectations. This session is most successful without the parent.

First-time clients receive a complimentary first day of daycare.

Daycare Programs

The daycare program options are for those pets that need a little extra out of their day. Whether you just want your dog to get some extra one-on-one attention and entertainment, have their obedience reinforced around different distractions, refresh your pet's previously learned obedience, or whatever else you can challenge me with! (Program prices DO NOT include daycare fees)

Daily Training

3+ On Leash Obedience sessions

All on-leash training sessions are 15-20 minutes in duration


Subject to availability.

This program is for those dogs who have previously attended obedience classes and/or programs. This allows us to practice some of your dog’s pre-existing cues and commands during their stay with us. Perfect for a parent with a busy schedule.

Educational Boarding Programs

Our Educational Boarding Program was created to get to the bottom of your dog’s unique training challenges, cater to their individual personalities, and provide a routine that they can rely on. Oftentimes a dog’s behavioral issues will occur because of their existing routine (or lack thereof). Within this program, we provide them with a structure that they can look forward to. New behaviors are taught, existing commands are solidified, and lots of stimulation is provided in the form of socialization with other dogs and one on one interactions with professionals. The goal is to offer them a foundation with which to build through conditioning, positive reinforcement, and consistency.

After a brief stay, your pet will go home a well-rounded companion. An exit lesson is given upon pick-up of the final training day to prepare you and your family with the tools and knowledge to build a stronger bond with your canine. Follow-up lessons are also included with each program for consistent coaching on how to practice at home what was learned during their stay.

Programs typically start on Mondays and range from 1 - 6 weeks.

All educational boarding programs include daily training, a bronze activity package, a standard room, and an exit lesson with the pet parent.

Please call so we can customize a program based on you and your pup’s needs.

We Offer:

2 Week Program:

  • Includes a 1-hour PM Exit Lesson + 1 Home School Lesson.

  • All commands and behaviors reinforced around distractions.

3 Week Program

  • Includes a 1-hour PM Exit Lesson + 2 Home School Lessons.

  • All commands and behaviors are reinforced around distractions and at a distance.

4 Week Program

  • Includes a 1-hour PM Exit Lesson + 3 Home School Lessons.

  • All commands and behaviors reinforced around distractions ON & OFF Property

6 Week Program

  • Includes a 1-hour PM Exit Lesson + 5 Home School Lessons.

  • All commands and behaviors reinforced around distractions ON & OFF Property

  • Best for OFF-LEASH Program

Call us for details, pricing, and availability >